Why eating more will ACTUALLY help you lose weight, Fact or False?

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      Eating more to lose weight. Fact Or False? Everyone says it, eat more during the day and you will lose weight...wait what???As a person with common sense, we all would think that the more we eat the more fat we would get. More carbohydrates, more protein, would bring up your caloric content and that equals more fat stored away.

Well, very true! The more surplus of carbs and protein we eat, than our body really needs, we increase our fat storage's. So, how do we eat more and lose fat? Remember just because you are getting all your macros in with two or three meals a day, doesn’t mean that it is a healthy practice, and you might be getting more fat stored away.


We have to take in account one big factor, PORTION CONTROL. Portion control PORTIONis very important to survey while eating more meals during the day. Portion control has to be divided into 4-5 meals a day, you can count a meal as a healthy snack, fully understanding that the snack may consist of healthy fat, carbohydrates and protein.

To fully control how much you are really eating, you have to find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat you will distribute during your meals. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is one of the best ways to find out your macro nutrient need, by figuring out your caloric intake.

Divide the calories into your protein, fat and carbohydrates and build your meal plan. It takes a little time to get everything balanced but it is well worth the work.


How is eating more meals, that equal more food, going to drop fat levels? Metabolism, your metabolic rate is how fast our body can process enzymatic reactions, and many more processes.


One of the processes is our ATP production, ATP or Adenosine- Triphosphate is the energy that we yield from the KREBS cycle for our cellular energy. So the more food that we separate with smaller portions, while being balanced with your macros, not taking in more than what our bodies really need, we burn more fat by producing more ATP.

ATP is produced in our mitochondria and creates a thermogenic effect over all, therefore reducing the fat. Our body will get used too acquiring energy from the fat levels, by breaking it down since we keep supplying it with good ATP and will leave our Glycogen levels stable.

Glycogen or Lipids??

Glycogen or Lipids, which one is better? So by eating more meals a day that are portioned and macro balanced to your body needs, your body will be more efficient at burning the extra fat that it doesn't need anymore.

Glycogen is the energy of the muscles, stored in the muscles and made for the muscles. Fat is also made for energy, quick and efficient but nothing is easier consumed by the muscles than glycogen. So in order to maintain glycogen in the muscles one must keep eating balanced healthy diet in which is separated in 3-4 meals a day. Remember that portion control is very important, and also knowing how much your BMR really is so you don't over consume calories and get fat storages higher.


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