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A Product review for LX  LAXOPLEX by GEC, an all natural hardening agent for muscle growth. Check out the review below.

Going to the gym every morning is a discipline that most people are not able to put with, much because it’s easier to snooze the alarm on your phone 5 times than to get up and get your mind and body into gear. If that wasn’t enough, countless hours go in the gym and away from your family and friends, everyday you try to cook the right amount of food to fit your macros and most importantly, how many times do you say no to eating unhealthy on a family gathering or even on a night out with the friends? Many, many more factors are put into your fitness goals, so let’s put all of this into one easy objective that we all want to achieve… we all want the perfect body. Genetic Edge Compounds has a product that will make this a lot easier to accomplish, just like the tollway to reach your destination faster, or an update to your Iphone 8 (MUCH NEEDED) would make muscle growth a lot easier.

I decided to give Laxoplex (LX) a good 3 month shot, which would require 3 bottles to achieve a much desirable result range so I can give my review a powerful testimonial. So the first month I started with the LX, and MY, OH MY! My strength went up, and I could tell that I was getting more ripped around my core area with much desired vascularity around my arms. My oxygenation was way higher than ever, since I like to do a lot of drop sets in my workouts. Drop sets, for example, would be benching 225 x 12 Reps, and dropping the weight 50lbs and going again, no rest in between and going another 12 Reps and dropping the weight 50lbs one more time and doing 12 Reps one last time, so a total of 3 drops and 36 Reps. But with the LX in my system, I could tell the INCREDIBLE difference that my body was performing. Also, my appetite was very controlled and I was not terribly hungry all the time, so all around the LX was changing my body and how I was growing my muscle at an exponential rate.

No, LX is not a prohormone, I had a tough time getting my mind around this compounds but I am honestly very happy with the results I yielded from taking it without hormonal impact or toxicity. Laxoplex was designed to be the alternative to a prohormone, without the side effects of acne, reddish skin, and back acne, which is extremely embarrassing if you are to be in a pool party or anything social where people start to stare at you of how much you are broken out, not pleasant. It is extremely easy on your liver, but it is recommended to always use a liver support and a testosterone to increase its benefits (LIVER NST, and TEST MD) Without a doubt LX should be used with Test MD to be able to fully acquire all the benefits from it, and it also has Sting Nettle Root that blocks SHBG from binding to testosterone which will allow your body to use more “free testosterone”.

Laxoplex is designed with quality compounds such as:

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
Stinging Nettle Extract Root
Rosemary Extract
5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin

Laxogenin being the most important of all the ingredients, giving the anabolic effect to your cells, up to 200% more efficient, Laxogenin is a very generous compound that keeps protein synthesis with your muscles at a high regenerative speed. I give this a high recommendation to everyone that is always trying to achieve a fitness body, the x factor body! It will ensure that all the effort you put into the gym and diet, does not go unnoticed. With a higher affinity to performance, and muscle growth, Laxoplex by GEC is one of the greatest non-hormonal product every revealed to the fitness community! Do not wait, and pick one of these up and while you are there, get the TEST MD in addition with LX, which will give you the natural testosterone edge that will help take you and your fitness goals to the next level.









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