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Hair, Skin and Nails - an exclusive blend - reduce your wrinkles and improve your skin hydration ensure healthy skin, hair and nails - soft chews that give you a radiant glow - restore and protect your beauty with this exclusive blend of ingredients - 

Vitamin A - speeds up healing - natural moisturizer - hydrates skin - type retinal stimulates production of new skin cells and reduces wrinkles and acne - remedy for many skin type conditions - 

Vitamin C - promotes collagen production - antioxidant - protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by uv exposure - anti aging - causes smooth and glowy complexion - 

Vitamin D - gives your skin protection and rejuvenation - produced in the skin from catching sunlight - reduces depression and aids in weight loss - 

Vitamin E - reduces uv damage to skin - protects skin from free radicals - regenerates cells - anti aging - anti inflammatory - causing your skin to look younger - 

Vitamin B-6 - balances hormones, this helps cure acne - improves mood and symptoms of depression -  reduces inflammation - 

Folate - fights premature aging - increases production of collagen to give you firmer and toned skin - 

Vitamin B-12 - reduces hair breakage and nails become stronger - improves dryness, inflammation and redness - supports nerve cell function - improves mood and symptoms of depression - 

Biotin - metabolizes fat which makes it essential for maintaining healthy skin - manages blood sugar levels - improves strength of nails - converts food into energy - supports enzymes in the breakdown of fat, carbs, and proteins. 

Pantothenic acid - reduces blemishes and reduces acne - deeply hydrates skin and keeps it soft, smooth and healthy - converts food you eat into energy - 

Iodine - helps your body sweat and hydrates your skin cells - reduces symptoms of flakey skin - reduces inflammation - aids in weight loss - 

Zinc - antioxidant - nutrient needed to have for healthy skin - heals and rejuvenates skin - clears dandruff and itchy skull - heals rashes and sores - anti inflammatory - treats acne - boost immune system - 

Sodium - absorbs dirt, grime and toxins - cleanses skin pores - protect barrier in skin and holds hydration - 

PABA - used to darken gray hair - prevents hair loss - rejuvenates skin - added to sunscreen to protect skin - 

Collagen - protein produced naturally by body - improves skin elasticity - reduces visible wrinkles - increases blood flow for skin - slows aging of skin - relieves joint pain - reduces inflammation - prevents bone loss and boost muscle mass - increases strength in nails - helps with gut health - helps brain by reducing anxiety and improving your mood - promotes weight loss - 

Silicon - is needed to synthesise collagen - improves skin strength and elasticity - reverses hair loss and prevents hair breakage -

On the fence about this VHI HAIR, SKIN, NAILS GUMMIES? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Nov 29, 2023