Brotein Funfettis

  • $44.99

You need a protein powder you can depend upon. After all, without a constant supply of premium quality amino acids flowing to your muscle cells, none of your hard work in the gym will matter. Yet, despite a saturated market, finding that dependable brand isn’t easy. At least it wasn’t.

With the release of Situation Brotein Pure Whey it's a no brainer. Finally, there’s a product that provides you with everything you need and none of what you don’t . . .

•    25 grams of pure whey protein per serving
•    Just half a gram of sugar per serving
•    A gram and a half of carbs
•    Only 120 calories per serving

That macronutrient profile is precisely what you need when your goal is to add lean muscle mass and get ripped at the same time. Our protein is 100% cross-flow Cold Infused Ultra Microfiltered WF190 whey isolate. That means that you get the purest, most pre-digested whey protein isolate available anywhere.

The Brotein Funfettis is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 09, 2023