Gec Lx Laxoplex Lean Mass & Strength Muscle Builder No Pct 60 Caps

  • $109.95

  • Lean Mass & Strength
  • Non Hormonal
  • Increased Protein Synthesis
  • Helps Balance Cortisol
  • Muscle Cell Regeneration
  • No PCT Needed
GEC brings to you a one of a kind true innovative product of the future in nutrition. For the first time ever, a product that performs in many unique ways through multiple pathways to accelerate lean muscle volumization and density. LAXOPLEX has the ability to increase protein synthesis in excess of 200%, balance cortisol, regenerate and repair broken down muscle cells, and provide anti inflammation benefits for lean mass all without hormonal influence. This means no unwanted side effects such as internal toxicity, excess estrogen, and no PCT needed which makes LAXOPLEX an excellent choice for men and women.