Magnum Nutraceuticals DNA

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Looking to quickly build lean, hard muscle? Magnum DNA may just be the anabolic activator for you. It contains some of the most powerful anabolism-triggering ingredients — l-leucine and KIC — to ensure the most complete natural muscle gains generated from a non-hormonal supplement. Leucine also preserves muscle glycogen and may even help enhance thinking abilities. The isoleucine present helps with muscle recovery after workouts by inducing glucose uptake in muscle. We also included valine for the essential role it plays in muscle metabolism and in maintaining the nitrogen balance in the body. Other ingredients include vitamin B3 (niacin), B6, B12, and folic acid. Within days, you may begin to notice harder, denser muscles and improved strength, muscular endurance, and athletic performance. From the very first time you take this muscle-firming supplement, it can help you begin training longer and harder and help increase the number of reps you can do. Use this muscle-health supplement along with a healthy lifestyle for the best results. Eating healthy, consuming fewer calories, and exercising sufficiently can help you find the best results. Your order will come complete with 140 of these muscle-building capsules, so you’ll have enough for 20 servings — just what you need to start seeing those results you’ve been waiting for. For best results, take 7 of these fast working capsules on an empty stomach 15 minutes prior to training. You can be confident that these supplements contain the highest quality ingredients available formulated to help men and women find success in your weight loss and muscle-building journey. And what's more, all our supplements are backed by science. So, get the results you haven’t been able to find anywhere else with Magnum Nutraceuticals.
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Inventory Last Updated: Dec 11, 2023