NutraKey Creatine HCL Supplement, Unflavored, 3.3-Ounce

  • $31.99

  • Superior Absorption
  • No Bloating or Water Retention
  • Increases ATP Production For Longer Workouts
  • Enhance Muscle Volume

While regular creatine monohydrate products can result in some undesirable effects - like bloating, cramps, and digestive issues - NutraKey's Creatine HCL has been specially formulated for water solubility.1,5 This means that nearly all of it of it gets absorbed by your body and is ready to enhance your workout almost much quicker than other formulas. Smaller serving sizes also tend to result in drastically lower cases of stomach and digestive discomfort, which can sometime arise from taking large amounts of creatine monohydrate.