POST | Post-Workout Recovery Matrix

  • $49.99

There are no secrets to recovery - no special tricks you can use. There are, however, time-tested and critical components to growth, such as excellent post-workout nutrition, timed properly, in an effective delivery system. And to that end, there is the all new Core POST. Our new matrix takes the premise behind the original Core PWO-combining fast-acting protein and carbohydrates sources - and improves on that idea in a massive way. We have the classic ingredients of cold-processed microfiltered whey protein isolate, pure dextrose, and Cluster Dextrin, a balanced-insulin response carb source with reduced bloat. Core POST also includes additional free form L-leucine and Velositol to further enhance protein synthesis. In addition to these, we have added Vitacherry to support optimal recovery, as well as Bioperine to enhance the efficiency of the ingredients. Together, our changes and these new ingredients have made the best post-workout recovery matrix even better.

The POST | Post-Workout Recovery Matrix is far and away, one of our most popular items. Made with every fitness journey in mind.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 01, 2023