Repp Sports Whey + Premium Protein Post-Workout 2lb

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Premium Protein Complex. 3 Protein Blend. 21g Protein. 28 Servings. Gourmet Flavor. Fast and Slow Digestive Blend. 3 Stage Blend. The Perfect Versatile Protein Blend. The Ultimate Protein: Whey + Features A Unique 3 Protein Blend That Provides A Balance Of Instant Nutrition To Feed Sore Muscles, While Also Providing Slower Digesting Protein For Sustained Nourishment And A More Diverse Peptide Profile. Whey + Delivers A Protein Perfect For Any Situation. Element 1: Whey Isolate: Whey + Protein Blend Features the Purest Form of Whey Protein. Highly Refined, With Low Lactose And Carbs, Whey Protein Isolate Is Easily Digestible And Delivers The Highest Ratio Of Protein To Weight With The Lowest Amount Of Calories. Perfect For Lean Meal Support. Element 2: Whey Concentrate: Cold Processed, Micro Filtered, And Completely Undenatured, Whey + Whey Protein Concentrate Delivers Sub Fraction Protein Peptides Which Are Lost During The Additional Processing Of Whey Protein Isolate. Sub Fraction Peptides Such As Lactoferrin Boast Unique Active Health Properties And Can Further Aid Muscle Repair. Perfect For Pre Workout Support. Element 3: Whey Hydrolysate: Protein That Is Broken Into Smaller Protein Fragments Through A Process Called 'Enxymatic Hydrolysis,' Whey Protein Hydrolysis Is Rapidly Digested And Shuttled Directly Into Muscle Tissue. The Quick-Digesting Protein Ensures You Nourish Sore Muscles during the Critical 1-Hour Window Post-Workout. Prefect for Post Workout Support. For Best Results Stack With REPP Sports Laxogenin And Broken Arrow To Maximize Muscle Building Potential.

  • Whey+™ features a unique 3 protein blend that provides a balance of instant nutrition to feed sore muscles,while also providing slower digesting protein for sustained nourishment and a more diverse peptide profile. Whey+™ delivers a protein perfect for any situation. REPP Sports™ claims exclusive rights to all gains made.
  • ELEMENT 1: Whey Isolate Whey+™ protein blend features the purest form of whey protein. Highly refined, with low lactose and carbs, whey protein isolate is easly digestible and delivers the highest ratio of protein to weight with the lowest amount of calories
  • ELEMENT 2: Whey Concentrate Whey+™ whey protein concentrate delivers sub fraction protein peptides which are lost during and additional processing of whey protein isolate. Cold pressed, Micro filtered and completely undenatured.
  • ELEMENT 3: Whey Hydrolysate Whey+™ whey protein hydrolysate is rapidly digested and shuttled directly into the muscle tissue, this quick-digesting protein ensures you nourish sore muscles during the critical 1-hour window post-workout. Perfect for Post workout support.
  • Unique Gourmet Flavors * 3 Protein Blends * Fast and Slow Digestive Blends * Enhanced Growth Over Time
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Repp Sports Whey + Premium Protein Post-Workout 2lb is for you.

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