Vitamin B12 Sublingual Drops

  • $19.99

Do you need more energy throughout the day, want to accomplish more and still have time for your personal life? That's exactly why we developed our B12 in liquid form. Liquid B12 makes it easier for a larger amount to be absorbed under the tongue, helping it be more effective and faster acting than other forms of B-Vitamins.

  • End Your Workday Without Feeling Drained & Tired
  • Elevate Mood by Feeling Better & More Energetic
  • Increase Motivation & Productivity
  • Maximize Your Full Potential & Avoid the Dreaded Afternoon Energy Crash
The Vitamin B12 Sublingual Drops is far and away, one of our most popular items. Your fitness lifestyle cant go without it.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 10, 2023